Your promise to your customers is they will enjoy the most awesome Power Meter Pedals available on the market today.

We enable you to deliver on that promise by delivering to you the safest and most durable (and high-tech) power meter pedals around.

About Power Meter Pedals

How do we do this?

Through continual testing and modification, more testing and more modification.

For example, the standard prescribes 1,000,000 revolutions — We test to 3,000,000.

That adds up to 30 hours continual stress on the axle and bearing. 

Drawing on our extensive OEM and ODM experience we have created the Formula range of power meter pedals.

Best Practice OEM/ODM

We still do OEM and ODM projects and have worked on Cube, Cycore products, to name a few.

If you have developed a fully fledged product of your own, we’ll make it happen.

If you need high-tech engineering design input, we’ll realize exactly the product you have in mind.

Extruded machined pedal and CNC-machined pedals are also our forte if that is what you need.

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